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About Wingspan Consultancy

We deal with various aspects of consultancy in Healthcare Services

Wingspan Consultancy, was founded in 2018 by a leading Healthcare expert in the Kenya Health Financing sector in private health insurance. We are a management consultancy firm that specializes in Healthcare matters ranging from Health Financing, other healthcare pillars and related sectors.

Our business model is built on establishing collaborations with experts that we work with for the delivery of the various customer projects. Some of our business partners include Actuarial Firms, Health IT Systems Experts, Medical Doctors, International Health Insurers and Legal Experts in the Healthcare Field.

What We Offer

Here are Our Core Services

Business Process Review

This entails in-depth review of the current processes, evaluation of the root-cause analysis and data analytics to measure the current business performance. We then work to assess the progress of the interventions and ultimately work with your institution on the improvement process using various improvement models and tools including guidelines from the Lean Six Sigma principles. Throughout the process, we keep in mind the project risks and work to ensure mitigation and minimization of the same.

As we commence the project, we first identify your requirements and then define the roadmap of the expected outcomes. Part of our deliverables entail providing you with a wide spectrum of the business inefficiency and gaps and then recommending processes that maximize the capabilities of your business and the strategic results the business seeks.


Strategic Plan Development

When developing the roadmap on how to get your objectives delivered – the strategy, we work with you identify how to take advantage of the emerging opportunities and resources, how to address the barriers and resistance and how to optimize and be efficient with the resources you have.

Our approach keeps an eye on the mission which is your reason of existence and help you advance it. We partner with you to ensure the realization of your business successes with a view of the short, medium and long-term goals.


Advisory Services

When critical decisions need to be made, and the missing link is the subject matter expert, we come into your organization and walk with you throughout your thought process.

When you need a sounding board on your innovation, business strategy, product development, we form part of the team that works with you to deliver the growth and success of your business.



We apply our skills, experience, knowledge, processes, and methods in the delivery of your project objectives which move you from a business idea to the results you seek within the parameters and timelines agreed upon.

We also ensure that your budget is kept on course as a key measure of a successful outcome.

We bring to the table resources with the right competencies and skills to ensure the realization of the business goals and objectives.

More Services

For a full range of our services, please see our services page

The Wingspan Insights Portal

At Wingspan Consulting, our goal is to be a leader in providing Thought Leadership and Business Intelligence services, to help customers improve performance and deliver value by making better decisions faster.

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